We offer a range of conservatory styles to suit all requirements and taste. As well as providing extra room, a conservatory provides luxury, light and energy whilst adding value to any property. We source our roofs and profile from one supplier ensuring all components will perfectly colour match.


Attention to design detail ensures one of the most advanced conservatory systems on the market. This means there is minimal resilience and requirement for on-site sealants and silicone to achieve water tightness. This overcomes potential for leakage and ensures rainwater always remains outside.

Choice of styles include:

The Edwardian – practical and functional

This simple, understated style is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home.  Rectangular or square in form, the Edwardian has flat walls to maximise the amount of usable space.

The Victorian – striking and distinctive

One of the most popular, the Victorian provides charm and style. Inspired by period design and architecture and available with 3 or 5 facets, making it easy to adapt to any space.

Gable- ended – proud and imposing

Like the Edwardian the Gable conservatory offers maximum space and grand design. It’s grand presence suits both old and new properties.

Lean- to – stylish and cost- effective

Designed to run across the back of the property the lean to provides a contemporary and minimalist space at an affordable price, providing a light, airy room to be enjoyed all year round.

P-shaped – more space and flexibility

P-shaped and combination conservatories provide more space and increased levels of flexibility. Combine two styles or adapt an existing style to create a ‘P’ shape.

Lantern – elegant and unique

Lantern roofs offer a two-tier roof with the levels separated by a row of small windows creating a feeling of height and presence.  Glass provides an uninterrupted view of the sky and increase light levels.

Key Benefits

  • Styles to suit every property, tastes and budget
  • The most cost-effective way to more living space
  • Stunning finishing touches
  • Advanced glazing options
  • Excellent thermal efficiency


  • Glazing – choose from a range of glazing options in a variety of thickness and finishes available. Options are available for self-cleaning glass also to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Polycarbonate – High tech modern polycarbonate roofs offer a variety of options and colour finishes including privacy and reduce direct glare and heat from the sun. Foil inserts reduce solar gain and add character
  • Range of colours available